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About Me

I've always loved jewellery, and when I was little I spent a lot of time collecting small bits of treasure; beads, buttons, and shiny paper, and turning them into necklaces or rings. I was given some jewellery tools when I was 17 and learnt jewellery and  metalsmithing techniques whilst I was studying design at college. I graduated from University with a BA honours degree in Jewellery and Metalsmithing in 2000. 

​I make most of my jewellery from sterling silver and brass, and all of my designs have some surface texture which I add either by stamping, hammering or embossing into the metal. I've never been very good at drawing so most new ideas evolve from experiments with metal scraps until I create something I'm happy with.


I still love the challenge of making something new using found objects, and occasionally you’ll see some one-off pieces in the shop made from upcycled metals or using small decorative components that I’ve collected.


Packaging is 90% recyclable, and all silver and gold metals used are bought as 100% recycled bullion ('Eco Silver and Eco Gold').

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